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The next urban question

The next urban question

a cura di Bandieramonte Valentina, Cavalieri Chiara, Guida Irene, Rashidzadeh Kaveh

2014 - 368 pagine
ISBN / EAN: 9788860491220

Collana: Quaderni del Dottorato di Ricerca in Urbanistica IUAV

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This volume explores the multifaceted aspects of the next urban question. Today, after the growing crises and uncertainties that have introduced great challenges to the ways we are used to living in the urban world, a new ‘urban question’ needs to be identified in three main aspects, as Bernardo Secchi states, and Paola Viganò affirms – namely, the growing distance between the rich and the poor, the mobility crises and the environmental risks. All these three aspects are to be engaged with research by design, adopting an approach that, on the first matter, entails defining the issue of spatial justice, questioning the ways social opportunity is spatially distributed and seeking other ways to foster equitable forms of spatial differentiation in light of the right to the city. That, secondly, entails broaching the mobility question that, in a broader sense, poses a threat as new (neo liberal) governance models introduce new, harder lines of inclusion and exclusion between plugged and unplugged, connected and bypassed groups and individuals. That, on the third matter, entails raising the issue of a democratic solution to tackle the environmental crisis and face climate change as well as demanding a critical review of the ways in which urbanism has began to encroach on the ecological agenda. And that finally, entails accepting the fact these three aspects demand a new engagement of design on different scales, building new arenas of designerly research and original knowledge production. Taking up this engagement requires reflection on the epistemological status of design, on the role of design in the exploration of alternative futures, on its capacity to bring about effective change. This book is a collection of essays originally presented in the VI international PhD seminar “Urbanism and Urbanisation” at the Iuav, University of Venice, in October 2011, scientifically peer reviewed by a substantial network of scholars in urbanism.

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